Du Bandia Grasail lineage

Du Bandia Grasail lineage, 1969-2007

To the best of my knowledge, these are the covens that descend from Du Bandia Grasail, an Alexandrian coven based in the Boston area in the early 1970's. Du Bandia Grasail was founded by Summanus, whose initiations came direct from Alex Sanders (after a brief, but intense, period of study, I understand). Although Du Bandia Grasail lasted only five years, many of the initiates of that group went on to form their own covens and train more people, and eventually grew into a large extended family of related covens.

The relationships between these covens are often more complex than can be captured in a simple family tree, as individuals move between covens, and often receive training from more than one coven before starting their own; and initiates of different covens often choose to work together, further muddying the waters. I have grouped covens to indicate where I think the primary influence came from.

Alexandrians: Do not use this chart in place of a proper vouch, it's just my best guess in some cases.

Du Bandia Grasail family treeDu Bandia Grasail family treeDu Bandia Grasail family tree